Friday, February 18, 2005

Nelly vs. Chingy

So I was watching some late night TV as I worked on my 'puter. Chingy was on there singing. The song sounded absurd and crude, and then I remembered how much I liked Van Halen as a kid. Then it all made sense. I love Chingy. Actually, if I were judging for real, I pick Nelly. He is so smooth.

"Are Chingy and Nelly going to fight tomorrow?"

That is one of the questions one of the kids asked me the day before the Spinks fight. Bruce. I was a bit confused. Why would Nelly and Chingy be fighting anyway? I don't understand. The kids tell me Chingy and Nelly don't get along. Huh? I asked them "How do you know this?"

"Look at the picture! They are going to box! Are they going to fight tomorrow?"

I looked over and Bruce is showing me an illustration in the American newspaper. There is a drawing of Nelly and Chingy under the Arch with boxing gloves. I laughed.

"So that is why you think they don't get along? It is a picture. I am sure it will be fine between Nelly and Chingy. Although I would pay to watch that fight."

So I thought about it. They are obviously getting along, for if they had a real problem they would start knocking, and if they did, the best place would be in the ring. So Nelly, Chingy- you guys might want to back up that smack and get into the gym. My money is on Nelly. Look at that entourage! Besides, Chingy is so scrawny compared to Nelly. He looked like he was going to fall over with that platinum necklace encrusted with rocks. Then again, Nelly is a bleeder. He always has that band aid on his pretty boy cheek.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nelly and Chingy are indeed in a low-key feud right now...

2:10 AM  

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