Friday, February 25, 2005

Washington This Week and Sunburning

"Can we do our jobs if we are threatened with jail?"

What the hell was that? Talk about a show stopper. This was a title of one of the topics being featured on Washington This Week last Sunday. The topic was of some journalists. They are getting arrested. The boring Sunday morning ones too. Give me a break. The most boring of news shows have reporters who are getting jacked up by our government.

I have been watching the Sunday morning news shows for years. My favorite has been the McLaughlin Group. I occasionally watch the others, but that is one of my favorites. It is funnier than the others. It is sort of the rowdy Sunday morning show. I have been able to watch them online. Of course the late start time, 11:30 am really gives it that extra push in my viewing habits. I have been taping it for a while now.

I remember when I was a kid and watching the McLaughlin group outside my parents house suntanning, correct that, sunburning watching a beat up little black and white TV that I brought out into the backyard. I was trying to get a suntan. I was about twelve. Six or seventh grade I guess. I felt using no suntan lotion was the best way to get a suntan. Get that first good burn in. Jezus. What was I thinking? First I was outside tanning but in reality I was outside burning. Then I went to the effort of getting an extension cord putting TV on a table outside so I could watch the McLaughlin Group. I guess I was tanning because I felt I was accomplishing something. I was only twelve so I didn't really care if I was tan or not, but the fact I could sit on my ass, watch the McLaughlin Group and say I did something, even if it was tanning was a sign of progress. Or so I thought. There is nothing active or progressive about suntanning.

What did I get out of this past episode other than finding out that the boring Sunday news guys are getting jacked up by the Feds?

This Negroponte guy sounds like a soldier. Listen to the way the President talks about him. And that is just the first glance official tip. Dig deeper and there is plenty more.


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