Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Blog of the Week

So I am blog of the week in the RFT. It was a matter of time really. I have been getting some razzes and props in public. I noticed it last Friday. Normally I don't set up shop at Mangia during the day. I typically go to El Bronco on Cherokee or sometimes over to Tanner B's. But I am able to capture wi-fi now over at Mangia, but I just prefer the ability to get cheap sopas at the taqueria or the simple side of vegetables at Tanners.

So one fella I really don't know came in with a crew of familiar fellas. He came over, shook my hand, and told me he thought I wrote the best column in the RFT. Now I don't write for the RFT, but I found this very amusing.

Then another guy came over. McCarthy. I am terrible with names, but I remember an Irish last name. He told me he loved my column. I am not used to this. I don't really write a column. I write a blog. I like it. I guess others do too. I talked to the fella and he wanted to take a neighborhood kid to the gym. Apparently the kid got caught borrowing a car without permission and is in trouble. He wants to take the kid to the Panda. I told him to bring him down. It will be a bit of work. He is a bit older. And has gotten in some pretty serious trouble already. The kid is lucky McCarthy is looking out for him. I think it will take a team effort. I hope he brings him down, although I am a bit worried for a boxing program is not a cure all for a troubled kid.


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