Thursday, March 03, 2005

Building longterm value

You know what would be really good for this city? A series of documentaries, an American Experience on the History of Saint Louis. Like the ones done on Chicago and New York. It would do amazing things for Saint Louis. Far more than most of the small and medium sized public projects. One of the big local donors who might be coming into a lot of cash might do well to finance such a project (hint hint Emily). It would be something a long time in the coming and our history is so ridiculously rich it would be a great relevant story. They should take a cue from the book "Saint Louis Then and Now". I talked with the Author Elizabeth McNulty and I know she did books on Boston and Chicago when she was on the east coast. She wanted to do one on her hometown. The publishers didn't want to do the STL one for they didn't think it would sell. Apparently the Saint Louis one outsells the other two combined. This is a good indicator that such a project would be well recieved. Who ever funded it would get a ton of points of good will in town, and it would be relatively easy for there are plenty of resources in town, both written from great books like Lion in the Valley, Beyond the Frontier the many newspapers from the Star to the Argus and many living witnesses of our history. It could be an amazing project.


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