Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fight Results

The fights went well last week for the Gateway Classic Tournament. Demetrius won the 63 lb weight class. He looks great. Solid form, and great counter punching. Not usual at that weight class. Most is just a flurry of arms, but Demetrius was grounded and smart. Maybe a bit too cautious, but it was a clear victory, which is important to remember when inside the ring. Montrelle won his first fight, stopping his opponent ten seconds into the second round. He has very heavy hands, but he is still fighting novice level fighters. He tends to dominate his opponents, but he had not fought any heavy competitors. He fought another fighter from Cherokee Rec the next night and was stopped with a wicked right hook to his side. It was harsh. He couldn't respond. Montrelle has some work to do, and the best way for him to develop the skill is by continuing his competetive schedule. That is how you learn. His defense needs a bit of work, and if he can get that down his hands will do the rest.

The kids had a blast in general. They loved being at the fights. The team trophy went to Cherokee, and I told the crew that I needed more of them at competition level or we won't be able to get one. They began to jeer the kids from Cherokee by shouting "Chero-Weak". I looked at Derron for he was shouting the loudest. I told him that was the lamest put down I have heard. I remember when we used to tease the kids from Mary Queen of Peace. We would call them Many Queer Pigs. Not much better. Kids tend to have terrible insults. Things really haven't changed.

The fight of the night was a great one between Danny Williams of Marquette who squared off against Ricki Lane from Cherokee. That was a dynamite bout. Ricki is not afraid to take a fight in which he might lose. He is a class act. I like it when the kids talk to him. These guys are tops. They are not afraid of what may happen in the ring. They want to compete and show their skills. So does Williams. And Ty Chatman for that matter. Ricki lost the fight, but not after a see saw back and forth bout that could turn at any second. Ricki got stunned with a solid hook that stopped the fight. The crowd was roaring and on their feet. The crowd then left before the title bout. It was crazy, but it was clear who the best were that night.

I have a picture of Darryl Spinks on my picture phone, but I have been having trouble transferring the pix, so I will post later. He was cheering on the fighters. One of the newer fighters, Johnny who comes with his older brother Willie, told me that Cory and Darryl are his cousins. They share the same grandmother. Johnny is funny. He has an adversariel relationship with his older brother. Classic. They live up on Benton and lease from Johnny, yes that Johnny of Johnnies on North Market. They are cool motivated kids. Little Johnny loves coming to the gym, but says his older brother won't let him come. We are working on straightening that out. They both work very hard. They got an interesting story.


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