Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Funny Funny

My mom has been going through my stuff recently. She is cleaning out some old closet space in the house. My parents have been slowly going through the house. I think they are going to move sometime in the next couple of years. She has found all sorts of interesting things. She has found my baseball cards. My comic books. My old foreign coin collection. She has found some artwork. Some pictures. I have been picking through them, sorting through what I want to keep. It is kind of fun. Very distracting.

Here are some pictures I have scanned into my computer with very first scanner.

This is a picture of me that I think I got out at Six Flags. Or it might have been at Old Chicago. Not sure.

I am a Cub fan. It is not easy to live in Saint Louis and be a Cub fan. I was born in Chicago and moved here when I was a kid. It was a very difficult childhood, keeping my loyalties with the baseball team I had grown to love. A very humiliating childhood keeping that loyalty. Okay, my childhood wasn't that bad, but it did get freaky. A grown man once tried to steal my hat at the ballpark once. I was just sitting there and a grown man sitting behind me just snatched my hat off my head and began taunting me. I was really more confused. I was long used to the jeering, but I was more freaked out cuz a grown man had just taken my hat and I was only twelve years old. I knew he was drunk, but it was a bit creepy.

The picture is hilarious. I look so serious. I really liked baseball. I still do, but I don't think I could keep a straight face like that with the black smudge beneath my eyes for a fake cover story pic on Sport. Go Cubs.

This is a comic book I bought in high school. I really liked reality based comics. Sort of reality. This is one of a scenario that World War III broke out between the Soviet Union and the US. The headline is classic: "Birmingham and Minsk nuked, is New York and Moscow next?" The picture of a soldier wearing a radiation suit, gas mask, weilding an M-60 with a nuclear cloud behind him.


Then I found my sketches from high school. I took art classes by the esteemed John Mueller at Saint Louis U High. He was the best. I took quite a few classes from him. I still owe him some wood carving tools. I am bad. I have seen him around many times and I have meant to give them back to him, but, man, there really is no excuse any more. He was a great teacher. He once let me read some of the fiction stories I wrote in English class to the underclassmen. Well, that was short lived. The stories were a bit rich for the timid ears of Freshman. And I said that it was actually non-fiction, and the story started getting' freaky.

Here is a picture of President George Bush and his wife Barbara. I thought the picture was hilarious. They are laughing so hard!!

Here is a picture of Hirohito. He was the top royalty in Japan, a relic from the second World War. He was so old and, um, yeah. Old. He didn't really do anything other than plead for peace after being nuked back in WWII.

I really picked funny pictures to draw.

This is a picture I drew of Alan Greenspan. I have always dug Alan. He has always been Mister Cool Under Pressure. He is not owned by anyone and speaks his mind. This oracle speaks the truth. He will talk smack regardless if the Prez agrees with the view. He has been in the driver's seat for quite a while now. Almost as long as the Pope.

This is a half picture of Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife Raisa. I remember it was right before the Iron Curtain fell and Gorby was kickin' it with Glasnost. The new "openness" of Soviet Society. And of course, who couldn't forget the Perestroika restructuring reform movement? I was very interested to read more intimately of Russian culture. It had been paraded as an "evil" society my whole life up to that point. I was afraid that the Russians may invade not unlike the movie Red Dawn. I still have vivid memories of some Russian exchange students at my high school. That was just freaky freaky freaky. Plus two of them were girls so needless to say, we boys went commie crazy. I began to develop the sense of wanting to rescue the young communists. But that was going to be tough, because I both feared girls and communists. I never rescued any communists.

In one of the articles there was a piece on the Soviet rock bands. This is a pic of a Russian rock star of the late 80s. It was weird seeing anything like this before. Cool rock music had only been something from the west. Viva Glasnost!!

This is a picture of Mike Royko, a columnist from the Chicago Trib.

And this is one of my favorites. This is a picture of Dan Quayle. Dan Quayle is holding a Stinger missile. The Stinger missile was an shoulder launched anti-aircraft missile the US had supplied the insurgents in Afghanistan. The insurgents fought the Soviet invaders. The insurgents used these rockets to take down aircraft. The insurgents were made up heavily of the men who became the Taliban. Osama Bin Laden was one of these men. He had been trained by the CIA to spawn a resistance against the Soviet occupation. Now I am not positive, but I think the picture was taken with some Afghani military. It might be Pakistani. I can't remember. I do remember that the picture was especially funny cuz Quayle is holding the fancy bazooka backwards.

This was a freaky time. The US had taken out an Iranian jetliner over the Gulf from a warship. We paid up money after a while. I noticed that Libya is doing the same now after taking out a jetliner. The Soviets took out a commercial flight that strayed toward North Korea too. Freaky times. Not much better now.


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