Thursday, March 03, 2005


At first I was a bit annoyed that the local news is taking up so much time doing something on this person on American Idol. I am not exactly sure what happened, but it is actually very cute. Everyone is so excited and proud and emotional. They are all up. It is kind of fun. I guess I am used to this being categorized in sports or the human interest section, but it can be fun for it to poke its head above the regular radar every once in a while. I guess I have been a bit jaded after the rash of murders across the area. The two old ladies and guy killed in Belleville, the old woman who was killed when a guy who was chasing a woman in his car and wound up crashing into a house on the north side, the woman who was stabbed to death in Overland, the firebomb that killed a baby sleeping in a crib in North County and the two women that were shot and killed on the street in West County. So putting attention to American idols are good sometimes. It is a relief.


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