Tuesday, March 08, 2005

LeMarco wants and article on him

So these are some pictures of LeMarco. LeMarco is the younger brother of Lorenzo. He wrote a response to one of the blog entries wanting me to write about him because he works hard. Well, he has been coming into the gym, but we did kick him out for a week. I was thinking of giving him the nickname "Nut Puncher". Almost a month ago LeMarco was sparring Lorenzo. LeMarco then got a little frustrated and punched Lorenzo in the groin. While he has good skills, he needs to work more, not lose control and focus.

Now notice the looks on his face. Those alone make the pictures. But notice the bottom row of teeth. We were over at Knuckles Boxing Gym in Venice on a sparring field trip. LeMarco over by the mirrors getting ready. I asked him what was going on as I looked at his mouth. He knew what I meant.


"LeMarco, what is in your mouth?"

"Platinum" and he closes his mouth and turns away like I busted him.

"That is not platinum, that looks like foil. That is foil."

I started to joke with him and he was no longer shy about his teeth. He suggests I should get a platinum grill. I then asked to borrow the money from LeMarco and he gave me one of his looks. He then proudly displayed his foil wrapped teeth for the camera phone.

LeMarco reminds me of the younger brother in one of my favorite comic strips "The Boondocks". He often has that scowling tough kid look on his face with this quizzical side. He always looks at me funny when I ask him to do something like to clean Adrian's cage. LeMarco does warm up, but not after a while. And when he does, he can be funny. LeMarco's hair style changes every week. Sometimes it is a wild fro, other times it is thick corn rows and one of the best is two pig tails that stick straight up. He looks very tough, but the kind of tough that drives the girls crazy. And I have seen it happen when his sisters come in to the gym. That is when the Taylor kids just whip into a frenzy. Lorenzo, the older brother, also drives girls crazy too. He reminds us of this fact regularly. He shaved a heart into the side of his head and tells all the coaches and anyone who will listen that he is an all star and the ladies love him.

LeMarco has done much better since he had his involuntary vacation from the gym, but he needs to start training some more. He, and actually Lorenzo too lately, need to train more regularly if they expect to compete. Getting into the ring is no joke. We are having a tough time keeping the kids in proper shape and training regularly. It is hard to argue school and taking care of family though. Then we have other kids that...well...I am glad they are coming into the gym, but I don't know if they ever will be boxers. Not all the kids go into the ring.


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