Wednesday, March 16, 2005

PBS Late Night Pledge Drive

I was up late working tonight and I was trying to watch the News Hour that I had taped earlier in the evening. There was a piece on the jump in military spending in China and I tried rewinding the tape and it got jammed up in the VCR. I had to eject it and straighten out the tape by hand. While I was doing this PBS was on the air pushing pledge drive. An aged pimped out Clarence Carter was singing "Strokin" in front of an equally as aged pimped out crowd. It was very cute. Then it cut to the break. Then it reminded me of something besides a pledge drive. Normally they have the local relatively sincere schills begging for money, but this time it had a pre recorded radio style voice over hawking the great 4 album set of soul classics. Then the songs from the four cd set scrolled down the screen as "the number to call now" was right in the bottom with Visa, MC, Amex and Discover accepted. It was no different than the late night commercials for the Time Life music series of genre fill in the blank. The same intense smarmy voice, the same style of glam backround.


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