Tuesday, March 15, 2005

P.O. Matt Browning Fundraiser results

Here are some shots taken from last weekend's Police Officer Matt Browning Fundraiser at the Casa Loma Ballroom. Officer Roger Englehardt put on the show with help from SLAB and Ozark Boxing.

This is Demetrius, "the Navigator", after his solid victory over a young man named Isiah Dean from Gamble Gym. Demetrius looked very sharp and poised knocking down his opponent in the third round and taking a decision victory. Notice his grandmom on the balcony cheering.

This is a shot of me cheering from the side of the ring. I usually let the coaches run the corners unless we are short.

Here is an action shot of Demetrius.

Here is a shot of Montrell in his corner with Coach Roberto Martinez. Montrell KO'd his opponent from the SBAC. We are particularly proud of this victory.

This is Montrell basking in the glory of his victory on the sidelines. He looks especially angelic, but don't let the picture fool you.

And this is a shot of me doing mitts with the kids at the Panda AC on Broadway.

Derron "The Mayor" lost a very close decision to Rodney Bell from 12th and Park. Derron wound up brawling much more than necessary. Lorenzo "Technical" Taylor, or "Sleeping Beauty" as he wants to go by now, was stopped, but he looked very good. Coach Ron Egan lost a controversial decision after knocking around a guy from North County Boxing Club. All the fights looked very good.

The show was great, but they needed more people at it. There was money raised, but they needed to do more people. Next time for certain. I am going to be even more involved in the setup.

The pix were taken by Dilip, the official Panda AC Photog.


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