Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Polish Falcons Gymnastic Home

So we went to the Polish Falcons Gymnastics Home last week for the Fish Fry. It went great. Now an unusual coincicdence happened. About four years ago when I did a Fish Fry there Mike Chance showed up the week before he ran for Mayor. He lost. I am not sure how he found out about the Fry, but he was very welcome and I hardly make a big secret out of where the Fish Fry is held and I often get random people that show. Then I noticed that Steve Patterson showed up this last week at the Falcons. Again, a bit odd for I am unsure how he was directed to the Fish Fry. I wonder if it is good luck or bad luck to come to the Fish Fry. Now I have also seen Gephardt at Joan of Arc. Hmm. He has no idea who I am though and that wasn't planned. Hmmm. I wonder what this means?


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