Friday, March 11, 2005

Rap Snacks Redux

A couple of years ago, I posted on a list serve an amazing discovery. Since this sensation has swept the country. A friend requested I repost this on my blog. I am going to repost some fun items from the past over the next few weeks.

This was posted Jan 3, 2003 on the Nonoise list:

Steve Smith, longtime lurker, rare poster here in this strange post
noisemaker world now world w/ no noise. I have a hot music story
sensation I wanted to pass along to my nonoise peeps. Please read
through. For the Vintage Vinyl posse, go talk to Jim Utz. I brought
the goods to him tonight at his spin at the Halo. You can see and
taste it for yourself. Please bear with me, for I must request your
help. Finally STL is getting its props! But we need to take action
to make sure a hometown hero gets the respect he deserves.

I was just got back from my second favorite milk provider 7-11 on
Morganford. I was walking down the aisles taking a look for additional products to potentially purchase to enhance my lifestyle. I saw some taquitos rolling on the old hot dog rolling machine. Um, no thank you. I will just go to El Bronco for the real deal. Hmmm. Stay away from the sugar aisle, for it will make your nose bleed if it is hit repeatedly. But I spotted something very special; there was a display over by the Slurpee machine that was holding a rack of chips.

Now I am sure that everyone is familiar by now with Pretty Willie. Who hasn't read about his escapades and adventures from his youthful days as a member of the "Baby Gangsters" to his new fame as a Hip Hop giant in this city's finer daily and weekly publications? Pretty Willie is a STL native who is proud to be from the Lou. He was a track star at the University of Mississippi, where he pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, and received a degree in Psychology with a minor in Political Science. He would drive back to the Loo almost weekly to record the album that has created the huge national smash hit "Roll wit me" an ode to Saint Louis where he received generous support by the people by packing the clubs regularly for his Hip Hop performances.

Now I know Saint Louis has hit it big time when I saw Pretty Willie's face staring at me from of a bag of chips on the bottom rack across the aisle from the slurpee machine at my second favorite milk provider. Salsa and cheese flavored chips to be exact. Rap Snacks, owned by the genius James Lindsey has a line of chips featuring illustrations of Hip Hop artists. On each bag above the flavor is a different message with Pretty Willie's bag sporting "Love Your Neighbor". There are a series of Hip Hop stars on these bags from Lil' Romeo Stay In School bar-b-quing with my honey flavored chips (who proudly and defiantly holds a pacifier up in his picture) to Master P Start Your Own Business platinum bar-b-que chips (who has a wistful and almost tiresome look about him).

Now here is how we can make a difference to show our pride in the Lou. The clerk at 7-11 told me that Lil' Romeo (the one holding the defiant pacifier) is currently the most popular seller. The kids love his Stay In School bar-b-quing with my honey flavored chips. But coming in second is our homeboy Pretty Willie. The kids love giving STL's own Willie his propers and they also enjoy snacking on his Love Your Neighbor salsa cheese chips. So we all need to show our propers for our STL homeboy hero Pretty Willie and purchase a bag of the Love Your Neighbor salsa cheese chips. Go to the clerk at the 7-11 on Morganford and proudly tell him you are paying your propers with a vote for Pretty Willie. Eat the chips proudly and buy an extra bag for that one kid you know would think you are the coolest for buying it for him or the kid who you think needs to find out just how cool Pretty Willie is.


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