Friday, March 18, 2005

Screaming and Yelling

I was out and about on election day and was noticing some ways adults were dealing with children. I was exiting at Mallinckrodt Elementary after voting as the school was beginning recess. The kids were crossing the parking lot and headed to the grassy field. The teachers were herding them toward the play area. It is always good to see kids, especially when they are headed to the sweet freedom of the favorite class known as recess. There were three teachers directing the herd and one of them began to bark at the kids

"Hurry up!! Hurry up!! Get to the field now!!!!"

The few stragglers who were casually walking perked up and began to run toward the field.

"Don't run!!"

The kids stopped and looked confused and then began to walk again.

I found this very funny, but I also felt a bit sorry for the kids. Really, what were they supposed to do? As a joke it is funny, but I don't think the teacher was being funny. I think the teacher wanted them to do something they couldn't do. Run but not run.

I smiled and jumped in the car. I think the kids will survive just fine, but they probably will ignore the teacher next time she barks.

Later that afternoon I was driving by Saint Ambrose over on Edwards as the kids were getting out of school. I found the packs of kids crossing the street very comforting. I like to see people out and about walking. The crossing guard was a grown man, perhaps a teacher. One mob of kids moved across the street and hung out across the school chatting for a moment. The crossing guard then yelled at the kids from across the street

"Keep moving!! Move along now!! Move!!"

The group, mostly girls, ignored him. In fact I heard a snicker as I passed through the intersection. It seems by junior high they realize that ignoring is easier.


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