Thursday, March 10, 2005

Warren the Barber cuts the Navigator

We had a social hour after training on Tuesday. Warren the Barber came down to do haircuts. He has left his old shop on South Hampton and is opening a new one around the corner from my crib at Macklind and Chippewa in about a month. My crew and I needed a haircuts badly so I invited Warren to come down and give out cuts and neck cleanings. The kids sparred and hung out for a bit to have some food. Warren boxed out the kids hair for free. Very cool. This is a shot of Demetrius "The Navigator" Johnson, a quick moving 10 year old with solid skills. He will be competing on Saturday at the Casa Loma for the Officer Matt Browning benefit.

I am very much looking forward to Warren, Dave and his crew opening up his shop. It is great to see young blood flexing.
(pic by A Cutraro)


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