Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wednesday Night Fights

Demetrius and Montrell will be competing at the Gateway Classic Wednesday March 23rd a the Gateway Classic Foundation on 20th and MLK. The entrance fee is a mere 7 bucks. We hope to have them continue through the tournament and into the championship rounds on the weekend. All are welcome to cheer on the Panda AC crew.

Also- I took the PAC crew over to the Lemp Mansion for a Russ Carnahan fundraiser. It is amazing how not only that we are able to go without an invite, but they don't make us pay the 500 dollars to get in. I had to trick the kids to go and told them I was taking them to eat in a mansion. So we made a bee line to the free appetizer buffet. They loved it. I took Derron "the Mayor", Demetrius, Bruce, Dan Dan and one of the newer kids Lil' Al. Lil' Al carried the umbrella and Demetrius carries the brief case. I call these kids the Number one. Lil' Al wants to know if he can be "the" number one. I told him we will see. Lil' Al comes with his stepdad Barry. He lives on the southside off of the Grand strip. He is a cool kid and brings his friends. Sometimes the kids on the southside call me up for rides to downtown. I usually pick them up if I can. A lot of the kids walk or take the bus. When I turned 12 that is what my folks told me to do. Take the bus. That was very liberating. I would take it downtown and anywhere the routes through South City would take me, but usually downtown just to screw around. Run around Saint Louis Center. Famous Barr. The streets. But the younger kids who are 10 or 11, still don't take the bus alone so I pick them up. I will often drive them all home if I can.

The crew sort of stood behind Russ until they got his attention. Derron asked Russ if he owned the Mansion. He smiled and said no. Then Bruce asked him the same question. Typical. He was patient and said no and smiled. Russ enjoyed speaking with the kids and said he wanted to stop at the gym. We will see.

The kids were first most interested in the food. Then they wanted to hear about how the Lemp was haunted. I told them a few tales about the place. I guess that is why they kept asking Russ if he owned the joint. I took them over to meet the Pointers. They own the joint. They were both very very cool with our crew. I got to give them props. Sometimes I get that look like we are going to be asked to leave when we go to places. Not there. Paul Pointer offered to take the kids on a Haunted Tour of the Lemp on a Monday Night. Dan Dan, the youngest, didn't want to go for he was too frightened. It was cute. When I was his age I was scared of Zombies. But that is due to my mother would watch Zombie flicks laughing and laughing while I was petrified. She wouldn't let me watch Kojak, but Zombie flicks were fine. She didn't like Kojak cuz he was a "fanny pincher". Funny.

So if the kids are good we are going to take them in the next few weeks to the Lemp. I told Coach Doveed and he also wants to go. He smiled with excitement just like the kids. It sounds like it is going to be an episode of the Brady Bunch of Little Rascals. I can't wait. I can imagine Dan Dan getting lost and then chased around like the Three Stooges.


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