Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Austin is the new Branson

I read a report on how old people are all doing this urban thing. They selected several cities, Denver, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin etc. and pointed to hyper growth in certain populations in certain neighborhoods.

They interviewed old folks/new retirees that have moved to the big city to enjoy culture, walking etc. etc. in order to escape the suburbs. Funny how that cycle works. They get the hell out and now they can't wait to get back in. Hard to figure which society is the one Americans are trying to escape from. All this logic is too complex for me. I know where I like to roam.

So the interviews cover a smilin' old codger and his silver haired wife in Austin Texas. They were slowly ecstatic, as the old folks can be. They cited how much they loved the area, walking, culture, but the old man quoted, "Where else can you go one night to see funk, and another to see classical?"

Huh? That is Austin? Wow.

Austin is the new Branson.

That would make Radiohead the new Eagles.

God bless America.


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