Sunday, April 17, 2005

For Sale: Detroit's Finest

I am selling my 1971 Ford Thunderbird. I need to pick up a van for the new business and to cart the kids from the gym around to all the fights and tournaments.

Here are some pictures of the car after I got it washed at Custom Auto Care. I should have wiped it down a bit for it got some pollen on it overnight. It is that time of year.

The car has a 429 Thunderjet engine. It is a real hot rod. It is the fastest car I have owned. It will do burnouts. It is a perfect getaway car.

The car has the beautiful suicide doors, or for the lovers out there- kissing doors. They close soft, tight and easy for this classic Detroit steel.

These are beautiful hubcaps. I am not even slightly tempted to get rims or spinners with such beautiful stock caps.

And this is the beak. The "bird with a beak" is what it is called. One of the designers from Pontiac came over and worked on Ford and used the classic nose that Pontiac Lemans, GTOs etc became known for. It is particularly pronounced.

This is my favorite aspect of the car. Not the beak. Not the doors. Not the hot rod engine. The favorite accessory; a wood steering wheel. The former owner had covered it up with some nasty soft plastic. My father owned a 70 GTO with the wood steering wheel and I had always wanted to get a car with a wood steering wheel. I finally got it.

The neigborhood street urchins flocked around the car today and asked if they could sit in it. I am always welcoming to the kids, so I let this particularly grubby young one who reminded me of Beaver Cleaver from the end of the block to jump in. I wasn't expecting him to climb in to the front seat to pose, but he did. I had to tell him to move over so I could get a better picture below.

Here is a better view.

And she has a great backend. I am always a fan of that. The turn signals are sequential, so they race to the direction the car is turning. As the kids say, it is "tight".

The car is for sale at $4600. She is driving sweet. She has had some electrical work done to her to fix the turn signals. New brake master cylinder. New alternator, starter, battery, voltage regulator and two new tires. I don't have documentation, but the old owners said it had 25xxx miles on it, and it now reads 30xxx miles. It might be 130xxx, but either way she drives sweet. The top is original, it is a repaint about two years ago, the interior is outstanding. It has AM/FM. The heater makes noise when on. The right front window needs a new motor. Email me on the Holla button if you want more info.


Blogger Jackie said...

If I didn't own a car or had the cash to buy a car for style points only, I'd be forking over the cash right now. But, alas, I own a Toyota and that thing will probably outlive all of us. I hope you find someone who will love it, love it, love it.

Oh, by the way: tonight I will be posting something involving boxing squirrels. Lots of them. Thought you might be interested, what with your love of boxing. And squirrels.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the kid included in the $4,600?

8:13 AM  
Anonymous said...

Has this car sold? I had one years ago and am interested in obtaining another. If it was sold could you let the present owner know I am interestd? Thanks!!

8:01 PM  

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