Saturday, April 30, 2005

I am French

I was a bit taken aback at first. I didn't know what to think about it. French. I found it interesting. But I needed to find out more.

I was outside Black Bear for breakfast today talking to an older fella named Andre. He had an accent. We were plating our food up in the kitchen and we started to discuss the food. We talked about the teas and coffees they had. I had some mint tea. He had some mango tea. We talked about the buckwheat pancakes and what else it is used in.

I asked him about where he was from. He had and accent. It sounded particularly unusual. He was from France. We started to talk and figured out that he was from Brittany. He talked about home and his bloodlines. He is Celtic. His people have strong connections to the Scottish, Welsh and Irish.

Andre told me that they use the same kind of bagpipes as certain tribes in England. Many of the songs are the same. He also told me he spoke a Gaelic language. I think he said Celtic, but he had a funky accent and I had to ask him three times to say bagpipe for I misunderstood. He spoke of the food, languages and music. I told him I was Irish and he started talking about the music, making motions of playing instruments.

Andre then spoke of a trip he recently took to France. It was a festival celebrating the ethnic Celtic heritage of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. He said thousands of people came to Brittany from all of these countries for this. The roots, he said are thousands of years old, but they are still strong. Andre described this big festival of music, food and more was one of the greatest festivals he had been to. He had promised himself that he would return for this festival. There had been a festival for thousands of years of just Brittany and now more recently people from all over the area of the sea of this Celtic culture celebrate as one common ethnicity.

Andre was also very complimentary of the "No War" sign in the window at Black Bear. He thought it was great that we can display such signs in our country. He picked up several copies of the Confulence, and spoke with an eager interest about the topics on the cover.

I had to leave to get to the market, but I found out that Andre is one of the owners of Cafe de France in Clayton. He gets his car worked on at the shop at the interesection of Pestalozzi and Jefferson. He had long been aware of Black Bear, but he had not been.

I think I might make my way up the Clayton side to check out some of my people's food.


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As for the title: No, you are not.

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