Sunday, April 03, 2005

KDHX Pledge Drive

I love community radio. Simple. I don't really buy much music cuz I listen to KDHX. It saves me a lot of money. I don't own an ipod, I have only an am/fm radio in the t-bird(which is for sale). Pledge drive is going on right now, and instead of buying too many cds, I pledge to KDHX. I do get to hear the new music and when I do hear something I like I will pick up a new cd. Often I get one for pledging. It is well worth it. The STL is very lucky to have a station like KDHX. Most cities don't. I love that the people on the air are playing the music they love. It is so pure. So if you don't listen, start. Well start after pledge drive. After you listen, you will soon pledge. If you do listen, pledge now. Unless of course you are a member. Actually, listening during the pledge drive is not all that bad. They play more music than they used to and it can be amusing to hear some of the guys shill, for they are not salesman. They are music people so they just gush so raw and pure.


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