Sunday, April 24, 2005

Latin Conspiracy

So I was watching the first inaugural Mass for the new Pope when I got home way late last night. It was amazing, freaky cool. A tradition that has been around for thousands of years. The ceremony was just so real. I would have loved to have been there. I crave to have had that experience. The connection and flow of history was potent. The garb was garish Roman traditional with the golden vestments and crucifix cane. His decked out crew was all around him as he walked about Vatican City as has been done for centuries. He looked like a force to be reckoned with. Straight face. Bad ass. It reminded me of old movies about Roman Church and even scenes from Star Wars. In fact he looks a bit like the Emperor. I don't know about this new Pope. His story sounds sordid. We will see what sort of moves he will make. I am more of a fan of the rebellious types that push things forward. The Jesuits are often the rebellious type. I am curious about what Benedict has to offer. My Mom was a big fan of Pope John and Pope Paul. The rebellious types. Social justice. I am a big fan of Liberation theology. Oh, a Catholic can support lofty humanitarian goals.

As I watched all this ritual I began to understand why people fear and hate the Roman Catholic Church. It is the biggest cult in the world. The crowds. The strict tradition. The chants. The statues. The doctrine. Cannon Law. The money. The Latin. The decked out guards. The words.

I love it.

Many believe that the Catholic Church conspires to control the world. If we really did control the world we would all be speaking Latin. Hmmm. That would have been fun. Latin is a fun language.

I took Latin in High School. The Reverend Doctor Mary McConaghy and Father Bailey. Great teachers. I learned early from the Mrs. McConaghy- Vestrum Virum Facit(I think I got that right). I still follow that advice to this day.


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