Sunday, April 10, 2005


This is a picture of the young artist Anthony Floyd trying to pry a dollar out of my hand. Anthony is the son of Larry Floyd, the coach for West End City Rec. Larry is a great coach. Larry handles Preston "Little Man" a terror at 75lbs and winner of several tournaments over the past few years. He also coaches Juzzton Hill a smooth performer who has been rising rapidly. Larry brings his son to most of the fights. Little Anthony immediately comes up to me and asks me for a dollar.

I look at Anthony funny and ask "Why?"

He giggles. He is in the first grade. He will grab your hand and keep whining how he wants a dollar with a pure smile on his face.

I ask him again "what are you going to do for a dollar?"

He smiles and looks cute then turns away. First graders like him get away with murder with that look.

I told him he needs to learn how to do something. He is all ears. I look around and see he had his shoebox with crayons, markers and pencils. He likes to draw. I asked to take a look at his drawings. He showed all of his favorites. He likes to color. He likes to draw superheroes. I bought a couple pieces from him for the rock bottom price of a dollar.

The problem is that I see this kid around a lot at all the different fight cards in town. And now he expects that I will be purchasing his work every time I see him.

"Give me a dollar!" he yells as soon as he sees me.

Oh jeez. How many dollars is this going to cost? I see that he has brought his box of crayons.

"Okay, I will give you a dollar if you draw a picture of me."

He busts out his tools and begins to draw right on the bleachers. And this is what he drew:

O how I must look in the eyes of a child. Apparently Anthony must think I am a pimp. I guess this should come to no surprise for grown adults will call me a pimp and wave and smile as a drive down the street. I usually just grin. It is funny. This is all pretty funny.

The photo was taken by one of the student coaches Jen O'Hare the other night at a fight card out in Saint Charles. Some of the coaches competed on the card.

Here are some more pictures taken that evening:

This is a family unfriendly photo of coach Roberto and Helen. They are funny. Helen has very sharp skills and hopefully will step into the ring. She works very hard at the gym and also loves to hang out with the kids. Helen has very fun hair. Helen, "Big" Jen and "Betty Boop" Jen bought Roberto a new pair of shoes. It was quite amusing. They are nice shoes too. They bought them because they didn't like his shoes and would make fun of them.

This is Coach Ron and Coach Doveed just prior to the fight.

This is Kris and "Big" Jen. "Big" Jen can hit very hard. She has some great natural ability.

And here is an interesting photo of "Betty Boop" Jen and Helen. The trio is the basis of one of the crews that come to the gym. They have been coming since August. They have come along quite a bit since coming in. They could all compete.


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That kid made you look like a Three Muskateer. And I wanna see those chicks at the bottom making out. More of those pics, please.

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