Monday, April 18, 2005

RIP Johnnie Johnson

I have neglected to put out my propers to the passing of the greats of rock and roll Johnnie Johnson. He passed away a few days ago. I might try to make the wake. I went to Oliver Sain's wake and it was one of the most soulful and real wakes I have been to. Hundreds of friends, family, fans paid their respect in a musical tribute. I haven't figured out where Johnson's wake is to pay my last respects.

The Post has done some very good obits in respect to Johnson over the past week. It is good to see the proper respect being shown above the fold.

I also neglected to note the passing of Evelyn West. I never saw her, but she was always mentioned by old timers when waxing about the old days. John McGuire from the Post did an excellent piece on her life when word got out about her passing.


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