Monday, April 25, 2005

RIP Matt Hely

Matt Hely was a great fella. Always on, excited about life. He knew the streets of Saint Louis, all the ins and outs. He had some great and interesting family. He worked as a part time carnie and paid his bills as a hearing testing guy at factories in the midwest. He would eat glass, swords, fire and just about anything. I met him years and years ago. He performed at a few of the Hoosierweight Fights back in the day. He died of brain cancer at 50 on April 21st. There is a big shindig for him at City Museum tonight.

I know he is doing alright now in the big top in the sky. We will miss ya Matt.


Blogger Bill said...

Matt grew up in Righmond Hts, Mo. He was a close freind of my sister Sue at the time of his death. We thought his cancer was very much in remision. But we were wrong. Matt was sceduled to appear on Jay Leno's show 2 weeks before his cancer came back on him. He was respected and ,really , a shocking character. He will be missed. Bill Huesgen

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