Tuesday, May 24, 2005

From Colonel Hackworth

A friend passed this along to me. They are a set of Life Lessons from the late Colonel Hackworth. As I read this, I discovered that many of these directives I have long followed. And there are a few others I need to focus on.

- Strive to do small things well.

- Be a doer and a self-starter - aggressiveness and initiative are two most admired qualities in a leader - but you must also put your feet up and think.

- Strive through self-improvement through constant self-evaluation.

- Never be satisfied. Ask of any project, "How can it be done better?"

- Don't overinspect and oversupervise. Allow your leaders to make mistakes in training, so they can profit from the errors and not make them in combat.

- Keep the troops informed; telling them "what, how, and why" builds their confidence.

- The harder the training, the more troops will brag.

- Enthusiasm, fairness, and moral and physical courage - four of the most important aspects of leadership.

- Showmanship - a vital technique of leadership.

- The ability to speak and write well - two essential tools of leadership.

- There is a salient difference between profanity and obscenity; while a leader employs profanity (tempered with discretion), he never uses obscenities.

- Have consideration for others.

- Yelling detracts from your dignity; take men aside to counsel them.

- Understand and use judgment; know when to stop fighting for something you believe is right. Discuss and argue your point of view until a decision is made, and then support the decision wholeheartedly.

- Stay ahead of your boss.

These are the traits of good leaders in any field. Sadly, the people who live up to them are few and far between. But when you find a person who has these qualities, you will follow them gladly and with pride.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. These are great.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Nuance said...

true dat.
good stuff.

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