Friday, May 27, 2005


I should try being like the Cardinals. The big business got out of paying the amusement tax. I am getting pinched now to pay this tax for the fights. So far I am down quite a bit trying to keep this gym going and now the city wants a cut. The Cardinals don't pay that tax anymore, so I don't see why I have to. But you see I am a good citizen, so I will. Perhaps I will try to get a bill passed in the Board of Alderman like that ran through for the Cardinals tax freebie.


Blogger Urban Review - St. Louis said...

You should make false threats about moving the gym to East St. Louis or St. Charles County.

If that doesn't do the trick I suggest you demand tax payers help fun a new boxing gym because other cities have better gyms.

You could also try selling the naming rights to the gym to help pay the bill. Maybe you get local business folks like myself to buy naming rights for each month?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Mexican flyweight Ruben Contreras was in critical condition in a medically induced coma Sunday, a day after undergoing surgery to relieve pressure from bleeding on his brain.

Contreras suffered a seizure Saturday night, shortly after he stopped fighting in the sixth round of a scheduled eight-round bout against Brian Viloria.

Dr. David Duarte, a trauma surgeon at California Medical Center, said the surgery on Saturday relieved the pressure on Contreras' brain and was performed quickly enough to avoid permanent damage.

"We're happy he was able to make it in as quickly as he did," Duarte said. "If he had waited more than 30 minutes, he probably would have had irreversible brain injury."

Doctors were monitoring Contreras' condition while he remains in a medically induced coma through Tuesday evening.

"It's hard for me to say what's going to happen to his brain," Duarte said. "So far, everything has gone quite well, but that doesn't guarantee he's going to make it."

Contreras and Viloria fought on the undercard of the Julio Cesar Chavez-Ivan Robinson bout at Staples Center. There were no knockdowns, but Contreras was bleeding from the nose and mouth.

Dr. Paul Wallace, chairman of the state boxing commission's medical advisory board, said the commission would investigate Contreras' training and any other factors that may have led to the seizure.

"This injury manifested itself through this fight, but whether or not the true cause for him having the bleeding or having seizures was because of the fight, is yet to be determined," he said, adding that most such injuries do not stem specifically from the actual bouts.

The 32-year-old Contreras has a 9-17-3 record. Viloria, a 24-year-old from Waipahu, Hawaii, is 17-0, with 10 knockouts.

Wallace was not the ringside physician at Saturday night's bout but was called to Contreras' aid when he began to feel faint. The ringside physician, Dr. Patrick Golden, was not available for comment, Wallace said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

those weren't "false threats"

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