Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Real Deal

I have always been a fan of Alan Greenspan. I always found it interesting the different economic dynamics of the new world America leading the world. The News Hour did an amazing piece on John Kenneth Galbraith who recently had a biography written about his work. The interview might only be online for a day. Galbraith is a capitalist with a keen eye for the governments role in terms of defecit spending during lean times, and reigning in a too hot economy. He was highly critical of the big government expansion during Reagan through the Bush and Bush coupled with crippling defecit spending. Galbraith and Roosevelt are often credited in saving capitalism. They did. Look at what was going on around the world at the time.

The man is in his 90s and is one sharp fella. I hope to be that sharp when I get to that age. He recently got sick and is in the hospital, but in the interview he is still very aware of what is going on.


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