Tuesday, May 17, 2005

RIP David H. Hackworth

I had been given a book by a good friend recently. It is called the Vietnam Primer written by David Hackworth. He told me it was a book made for me. I think like a soldier. I am not a soldier, but a citizen soldier. I didn't read it. But I started to put the connections together. I had read about David Hackworth. I didn't connect it to the book Burt had given me. Hackworth exposed that the soldiers in Iraq were not properly equipped. This made big news. He is considered one of the great soldiers that came out of Vietnam. He served five tours in the shit. He taught the Americans how to fight over there. And to win. But he knew it was a losing war and wasn't afraid to say so. He has quite a story and speaks the truth. The Pentagon hates him for he questions them.

I should write about when I looked into joining the military in high school. I met with the recruiters. The first war in Iraq was just about to begin.

We are now have a great loss with such an honest and caring soldier. He died last week of cancer. I wish we had more like'm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To young officers in Vietnam and long afterwards, he presented an
unforgettable profile in courage. ""Everyone called him Hack," recalled Dennis Foley, a military historian and novelist who first saw him in action with the 1st Battalion of the 327th Infantry in 1965. "He was referred to by is radio call sign of 'Steel Six.' He was tough, demanding and boyish all at the same time, stocky with a slightly leathered complexion. His light hair and deep tan made it hard for us to tell how old he was. He wore jungle fatigue trousers, shower shoes, a green T-shirt and a Rolex watch. In the corner of his mouth was a large and foul smelling cigar. As we entered the tent, he was bent over a field table looking at a map overlay and drinking a bottle of San Miguel beer."

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