Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Fight pix

These pix are from the last Hoosierweight fights at JackSons' in Dogtown.

Here is a pic of Willie Little and Montrelle Washington, two of the fighters at the Panda AC. Willie is one of our new fighters. He is only 12 years old(seriously), and lives over by Johnnies on North Market. His family rents from Johnny and sometimes he mows grass for him. Willie won his first fight. Okay, it was a walkover, but a win is a win. The kid has really come along since his first sparring session. His first session over in Venice he wound up covering up and looking at the mat. Now he moves his head and hands. Much, much smoother. He and Benard, one of the other fighters go to school up at Webster Middle along with several of the other fighters. They are being followed and threatened by some punks that claim gang affiliation with the Crips. Willie's Dad has been picking them up from school. They are smart enough to stay away from those punks. I am glad they are not trying to tangle with those kind of stooges. It is not worth their time.

Here is a shot of Demetrius Johnson before his fight. His hands are being wrapped by Coach Roberto Martinez and that is Steven Yu in the background.


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