Friday, June 17, 2005

I can now bitch

I pledged to KETC last week. It was the second week in a row and the fifth time since March programming has been interupted to beg for money. I know that public television is in trouble, but this is out of hand. The money hasn't been cut yet.

The president of KETC was on telling how the feds are planning on hacking away funding for public broadcasting.

I think it is rather amusing that some people think that public broadcasting is liberal. It is all sponsored by banks, chemical companies, oil companies and medical research. It is really dry at best. I think the people that think it is liberal are the kind that march lockstep.

Either way they want to hack away at such liberal shows like the McLaughlin Group which is full of liberals like Pat Buchanan and such.

But we can try a bit to stop this by signing a petition at
this link.

But this pledge drive has gotta stop. I am sick and tired of this motivational crap along with financial hustlers.


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