Sunday, June 26, 2005

More fight results

Knuckles gym in Venice put on a fight up in Centralia Illinois last Saturday at some joint called Shooterz. I wasn't able to make it down. We did send up some fighters to compete.

One of the newer adults Steven Yu won, as did Willie Little. Willie, a 12 year old from Webster Middle stopped the kid in the second round. Coach Doveed tole me he looked great. Willie has come along quite well since his first session outside of the gym a couple of months ago. He used to ball up and look at the ground, now he is smooth using his long arms to accurately and briskly assault his opponent. We are looking forward to Derron's return to the ring. Jordan should be debuting in the next few weeks, and the word on the street that Lorenzo "Technical" Taylor wants to return to the ring. Bruce has called me up five times in the past 12 hours to let me know about Lorenzo's decision. I certainly hope Lorenzo will come back to the gym and work for real if this report is indeed true.

I had the kids help me move last week. Montrelle, Derron, Willie, Demetrius, Chase and Bruce. They only broke one piece of furniture. GiGi helped me that afternoon. It was like Our Gang was hired out to move me. I tooke them to lunch at El Bronco and then to Ted Drewes for a reward. Montrelle asked the cop running secondary there if there were such things as bad cops. The cop had an interesting answer. We then headed over to Bastante to pick up some food for the Royale. It was a good time, although I picked the hottest day of the year to move.


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