Friday, June 03, 2005

My crush teases me

So Gwen Ifill was wearing that necklace again. She filled in for Jim Leher again on the News Hour and she wore the punk rock barb wire necklace. Upon closer examination it might be metal shark teeth. It is hot.

Yesterday she was interviewing some scholars and this one conservative flunky PR flak who worked for prez Nixon named Herbert Klein about the fallout of the deep throat identity being revealed. It was an interesting conversation and you really can see the streak of naive cantankerous reactionary stubbornness of the right wing manifested in Klein. He thought it was all a setup for Nixon. Funny.

Gwen was going very straight on the interview despite his firm lack of grasp on reality, and she is cold blooded in her composure.

Klein said "So, understand, he says he's(Mark Felt-Deepthroat) a hero. I don't regard him as that. And I think another thing to -- we talked about is the word "Deep Throat" was added to the fact when they wrote a book, when they used it for the movie. I wonder if people would really be as excited about it if (Bob) Woodward and (Carl) Bernstein had not attached that sexy term "Deep Throat."

Then Gwen promptly responded: "I'm not sure all these years later anyone knows what's sexy about that term(there is chuckling off screen by the academics also being interviewed), but let me ask you another question to follow on that, Herb Klein, which is: If it's true that he did the wrong thing and that he shouldn't have revealed his secret, is there any justification in it if he brought down a government that was later seen to be corrupt?"

That Gwen is so unflappable, focused and calculated. And clever funny composed. And she wears a barb wire/shark tooth necklace? My stars!! Gwen! My knees are a gettin' weak!

We are all allowed a TV crush.


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