Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pink Sistas

I went with my folks to Mass at the Mount Grace Convent in north Saint Louis. This is a convent for what most people know as the Pink Sisters. My mother is a big fan of the Pink Sisters. My parents are practicing Catholics and my mom often gets prayers said by the Pink Sisters. Something might be going on in the family and she will make a donation and the Pink Sisters will say some prayers for you. It is a pretty good deal. They do a whole year of prayers for a very modest amount. I have gotten a few myself.

About once a year as a family we go up there for the open house Mass. My mother chose to go when Raymond Burke was not saying Mass. Usually about once a year he goes there to say Mass. Mom is not to happy with Burke, and she hasn't been happy about who has been in since O'Donnell.

The Church is tiny with the sisters on the other side of the gate. They are a cloistered order. They have a gate separating them from the common folk. Afterwards you can talk to them but they are on the side of window glass or bars. It is a bit odd to say the least. The crowd was equally interesting for it was packed. There was even an old school middle aged woman wearing a hankie on her head just like before Vatican II.

The Mass was alright, but nothing was said that was earth shaking. Honestly I wasn't listening that close. I have trouble paying attention in church. I have probably spent 6 months of my life in church if you added it all up. I think it was that priest who has a church on North Kingshighway. His name wasn't in the program but he looked familiar. The atmosphere was thick and the mood overwhelming.

I was sort of tired before going for I have been busy, but I am not actually energized from the experience. They are amazing women. It is sort of sad, but inspiring too. It is hard to understand.


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