Tuesday, July 19, 2005


So I hired Derron and Montrell to work in the kitchen. Dish doggin'. I did the same thing at their age. I got my first paycheck job in 8th grade at Two Nice Guys in Webster. I loved it. I felt lucky to have the opportunity. I did dishes and bussed tables. I was worked to death and asked for more. I remember being yelled at for sweating. I had to run up and down steps all night long taking dishes up to the kitchen and back down. I had to jump in the dumpster to mash down the trash. Wait a sec, I just did that earlier today in the dumpster out back. And I was washing dishes last night. What did I sign up for? I learned a whole lot about people then. I still hang out with one of the guys, Tim Bishop. I would see him around off and on over the years. I remember seeing him on the old Chippewa bus. I sold him my CB1000 last year when I was pinched on cash. It was funny for I had advertised it, he called me not knowing it was me and then halfway through the conversation we figured out we were talking to each other. Funny.

So Coach Doveed called me up to tell me that Derron and Demetrius whupped up on Cherokee Rec last night. They went over for sparring. Derron put a beatdown on this kid Otis who won the Ringside Tournament last year. Derron lost to Otis at the Diamond Gloves back in February. We are planning on putting a few of the kids in this tournament next month in Kansas City. I am trying to get a beer company to underwrite the cost of some new shoes for Derron. He outgrew the ones we had donated. I figure that I am helping these beer companies make some coin, and they should be happy to buy a hard working kid some shoes. Actually the one beer company I was courting with a full court press scoffed and told me it sounded too expensive to get the kids some gear. That gives me an idea...

Demetrius also put a beatdown on this kid Kelly that edged him out at the Hoosierweight in Dogtown. Things are looking good. The kids are working. It is going to be interesting for these brothers moved down to Indiana and Cherokee. Doveed has been picking them up. I may try to open up a southside location for the Panda, but I have to work quite a few things out first.

So Doveed called me to tell me that he needs some more chicken money. We buy the kids a good meal before each fight. Now that the kids have moved, their nutrition ha gone to crap. Derron told us he hasn't eaten a piece of fruit in two weeks. They are being shuttled between grandparents and family right now. Doveed wants to get the kids some chicken and eggs and feed them every time they train. I want to do this, but we really can't open up the budget for that. I will do it for the short term though. I am going to subsidize the kids diet from our food stocks at the Royale for now, but I am going to talk to Sharonda to see what sort of long term solution there could be. These kids can eat better, and if they expect to compete, they have to. You can't expect to be on top of your game and eat like crap. Doveed is stopping by tomorrow and I am going to get him some fruit, chicken and some eggs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the summer, the St. Louis Public Schools are providing free breakfast and lunch to any kid who walks in the door.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's an idea, but he wanted the kids to eat good food, not just food.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

Actually, that is a great lead. I am curious if it is all the schools or what. I just called and am going to see Coach Doveed soon.

1:07 PM  

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