Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Junior Golden Gloves

Demetrius Johnson is scheduled to compete at the Junior Golden Gloves at the South Broadway Athletic Club on Thursday. He is fighting some kid from Tandy. Demetrius called me up five times today to ask me how to mend a sore hand. I am not sure why he called me up so much. I think he wants attention for he had me on the phone for probably a total of thirty minutes as I explained to him and each of his brothers that what epsom salt was and how it helps your hands when they are sore. I explained where to buy it, how to spell it, how to apply it. Repeatedly.

Kenny Lohr, the coach at 12th and Park, probably one of the best coaches in the country told me to hold on to Demetrius. He said "you have a winner on your hands. You got him at the right age. Keep workin' with him." Kenny doesn't say things he doesn't mean. He likes what we do. We have had a lot of his fighters on our cards. Pretty much the best bad ass fighters in town roll out of 12th and Park. Deandre Lattamore, Bull, Ty Chatman and more fight out of 12th and Park. I hope to someday have such a stable, but you have to start up and work with the young kids first. That is what Kenny is telling me.

Demetrius lost his last fight and he needs some redemption. He needs the fight, but he also needs to work some more. He hasn't been at the gym enough for he is moving down to the southside. They are going to be right over by Cherokee Rec. I hope they continue boxing.

We have had a new crew of kids roll into the gym, but they are not making the cut. They have to show up when coach tells them to show up. And they have not. We are not their mothers. The ones that really want to box will come back and come on time.

I am going to run over to the SBAC on Thursday to check out Demetrius' fight. He will likely be the first one on. I am curious how it is going to work at the SBAC for from the last I heard they are honoring the strike and the Jr Gold Gloves is sponsored by AB. Ouch.


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