Monday, July 18, 2005

Rapid movement

It is nice to run a business. I like to troubleshoot.

I have heard quite a few comments from every direction.

So now I tend to the immediate. We have have replaced the pipes coming in to get proper water pressure for the sinks and dishwasher. This was quite a chore. All the pipes had to go. We should have the kitchen rewired by this afternoon so we won't keep blowing circuits and have extension cords running all over the place. We just tore down the wall by the boys room to make space so we won't have such a clustf*ck traffic jam at the server side of the bar. Now I need to jack the cooler case back so we can operate a least with another inch and a half of space behind that bar, and hopefully get the new taps up and onto the bar, a new slim line ice bin and more. We repaired the ice machine, cooler and are putting in four new soda guns. Gotta love Pepsi.

I have addressed some personell issues to ensure cheeriness and professional behavior. I think this will be an ongoing thing, and it typically is, especially in the beginning of an operation. I also picked up a tub so I could run a sattelite bar outside to ease the congestion at the main bar. We didn't need it on Saturday night, but we needed it bad on Friday.


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