Thursday, August 25, 2005

Good piece

This series was in the Post last month. It was a great series on the Bosnian massacre in Srebrenica. I would love to see more stories like it. It makes me think I am reading a real newspaper.

I meant to put something on the blog about this a while ago when the story was published. I didn't, but these stories are the kind of thing that linger in the head and make me think as I criss cross the southside and am reminded of the result of this war half way around the world. I can look around at people who have been driven out of their homes, families killed and dignity removed. We are still a great country when I see that we accept people like this and welcome them to become our neighbors and pursue this American dream in which we live.

Pieces like this one in the Post are sobering, straight and relevant. I fear that the new owners will ease out of these features citing cost or some excuse. I hope they understand that stories like this spotlight the greatness and depth of a true great American newspaper enhancing the overall image and credibility. This is how to continue and enhance the stature of the paper. I hope they stop worrying about trying to appeal to the youth and work continue concentrating on being a newspaper.


Anonymous xian herman said...

I recently saw my former Bosnian neighbors, Amina and Sefic. (Former since they worked many jobs and managed to buy a house in south county after living here for 7 years.) We discussed the cost of health care insurance and our various maladies; her slipped discs, my cancer, when Sefic interrupted to ask me if America was going to war. In the Mideast, I asked him? No, he told me, here. He was under the impression that us citizens would rebel and cause a revolution to occur because of health care issues. Now, you have to understand, this was coming from a 35 year old man who spent half of his life living in a war zone but I couldn't contain my surprise and asked if he met a civil war. He did. He also told me that many of his friends were saving to go back to Bosnian because they couldn't afford insurance here and since we're the only industrialized nation that doesn't have socialized health care, they are fleeing. There goes the neighborhood.

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