Sunday, August 07, 2005


The Royale is now open for lunch.

We start Monday at 11:30am and we will be open all the way through the day. Monday through Saturday. Should be interesting.

Things are going relatively well. We have been addressing the issues at hand. Every body and their brother has been making suggestions, compliments and criticisms. It is interesting what people say. I appreciate the sincere compliments, but the suggestions and the criticisms are the interesting parts of the project. Trying to figure out how to adjust and address. Sometimes the solutions are very very simple. Other situations call for a more lengthy resolution through repeated efforts to fix. Some times that is not good enough for everyone, but all we can do is try.

Business is good. We have a lot of repeat customers. That is something I have personally tried to develop and the staff has been on this very much. A lot of people have been rolling through, and it can be tough at times to do as much as I would like. Needless to say, there has been some interesting people rolling through the doors. And for the most part, people like it.

Now I have heard again from some of the old crew that an old bartender has been telling people that this is a gay wine bar. That is funny. And for the record if anyone is that concerned about this news, it is absolutely a gay wine bar. My staff and I have gone through quite a bit of abuse over the course of the transition. It is still lingering. Most of it is rather silly actually, but there have been some very serious situations I have had to deal with that have had to deal with the survival of the place.

There have been some interesting stories that have come along since we opened the place. Some that I guess I shouldn't write about, but they are interesting. One that I will write about is a guy, a regular from the old place, who I put on a suspension. I told him he would need to write a letter of apology in order to be even be considered to be let back in. He had said some nasty things that "one does not say to a lady" and also said some off color black jokes. He had been also asked to leave before for similar and many other situations in which a customer needed to leave. And there was a nasty incident involving him off site too.

He came back to me and told me how much he liked my place and wanted to know if he could come back in. I asked him for the letter and he threw a fit.

"How many words does it have to be!!!? You mean I got to write a 200 word letter?! Thats bullsh*t!"

"There are no length requirements. Just outline explaining why you said what you said, and you may want to reflect upon those statements now that you have had some time to think about it."

"I will give you $100 right now if I can come in!!"

He pulls out a wad of bills and tries to hand it to me.

"Now now, we need to write that letter. That is all I require. But remember, this letter needs to be accepted by the staff before I can let you back in."

"Here take this!!"

He tries to force a twenty spot into my hand.

"What is that for?"

"It is a tip!! Give it to the bartender!!"

"Chuck, you tip the bartender for service when you are served. Are you going to write that letter?"

"I am going over to Courtesy right now and write that letter!!"

"Great! Now remember to outline explaining the incident."

He came back about ten minutes later and shoved two pieces of small torn notepad paper into my hand.

Please forgive me. I am so sorry. PLEASE forive me me! PLEASE
I'm Sorry for Every Thing I Ever Did. I'm An An Idiot. I Apologize. I'm So sorry. I Lck This Bar. Please Live me a CHANCE.

I showed it to the staff. We are not letting him back in. I honestly believe that he is capable of writing a proper letter. I don't think it is likely due to his pattern of behavior, but I think it is possible.


Blogger roseblood said...

oh chuck will you ever learn

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I said I was SORRY.


Francis Slay

5:37 PM  
Blogger matty fred said...

So, what does gay wine taste like, anyway?

8:00 PM  
Blogger Hafiz said...

I love the place... I understand the new growing pains. I hope to dine there soon next week. That story about Chuck totally rocks. I would have taken the $100 and thrown him out later that night.

10:43 AM  

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