Monday, August 15, 2005

Notes from the southside

Jenna emailed me a link to her podcast on the Mayor Slay site. She kept telling me I needed to hear it. It is pretty funny. I wonder who is producing and writing these podcasts. It says it is paid by the Slay for Mayor. Hmmm. Funny. It seems that Slay has some sort of blog too. It talks about how he is off his diet. And it talks about mayor stuff. It is very organized. His blog has bullet points, dates and specifics. Kind of like a funny personal press release. Strange. Amusing.

I have been quite busy this past week. We opened for lunch, but unfortunately I have been finding it absolutely necessary to focus on what really should be a hilarious situation but most unfortunately is not. It has to do with just keeping the place open. I am at a loss of what to do. I may write about it at some point, but it is for the best I don't right now.

Lunch is going okay, but I really got to focus on it more. There are a few simple things I just need to work out.

The power went out Saturday night. We had to cancel dinner. We took a big hit in loss of revenue. I was fortunate enough to find enough dry ice, 20 lbs of it, on a Saturday night to keep my inventory safe. Say what you want about Ted, but he runs a very considerate business with tasty treat.

I did open up later that evening after I got a call from Jennifer Grey from Annata's. It is a mighty fine clothes shop in the Maplehood. Jennifer has been in a few times and was out with her crew and wanted to come by for a drink. We closed around 8 or so. It was nearly ten and I told her the power was out, but she insisted on coming down. It doesn't take much to convince me to open up, especially when prompted by a customer. I closed up earlier for I had just a ton of staff on and all of them wanted to bail. I feel a bit bad cuz I did turn down a few customers early on, but that didn't happen later on.

I am glad I reopened. I called up Burt to stop down, and he made it down to help out. We actually had quite a few in the house. A woman from the neighborhood came down with a couple of Bosnian friends. A fella came in who owned some buildings up in Shaw. Karl from A&M came in with a friend from Europe. They walked over and were not afraid to imbibe. Seth, a rehabber who just took a big position for a developer in Kirkwood, showed up with his crew that had walked up too from down the street. Tom Lally and John Wynne came in with their wives. Damn, I wish I could remember their names. Patrick came in with Luke and his friends. Gary rolled in and was loving it. Angela showed up a bit later to bartend the last little bit. Everyone was enjoying the candlelit party. I still have to go down and clean up a bit. The lights came on a little after midnight. It was rather fun while it lasted. Seth played music on his MP3 from his phone. One of Jen's crew went and got a radio. It was an interesting site and interesting time. I shoulda taken a pic.

I have got a very busy week ahead of me. I may not be blogging much. Today was my day off and I was still catching up on work.


Blogger Burt Bollinger said...

funny to open up the paper this morning...I dead honestly thought I was hallucinating for a second. Especially with Hunter S. Thompson right below you. I had to do a double take.

8:37 AM  

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