Friday, August 05, 2005

Racking up the wins

I just got back from Kansas City. The kids are doing great. Doveed is doing well. Now his car blew up and has been declared dead. Despite this, the news is good.

Demetrius Johnson is fighting for the Championship. This is the largest tournament in the world. There are fighters from Mexico to Ireland. One of the kids from Ireland had a tattoo of a leprechaun with boxing gloves. Way back I thought Americans were only capable of such absurd behavior. Then I visited Europe. I saw entire plump Brit families wearing neon sweatsuits. It reminded me when was in the tattoo shop in Dublin seeing a whole panel full of cartoon leprechaun sitting on a Cadillac giving a thumbs up. Anyway...

Derron has advanced through so far and has two fights to win to take it all. We are all quite proud.

There are a lot of fighters from Saint Louis. Cherokee Rec brought in thirty fighters. Kids came in from Gamble, 12th and Park, Body Shots and West End. I think there might be others, but there were just so many people. All the best coaches in the world are there.

I talked to John Brown, the owner of Ringside. He does quite a job putting together this tournament. It is quite a service. Money is not made on this tournament. He does it for the love of the sport. There are six rings going all on at once over five days. It is amazing. I wasn't able to meet up with John for dinner, but he plans on coming down to the new joint when he comes to town.

I am getting reports about every couple of hours from the kids and Doveed. They are quite excited. It is exciting.


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