Sunday, August 14, 2005

RIP Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings has passed. He died of lung cancer. I have watched him for decades. I watch the news. He was on the air up until recently. This cancer really took him. It is really too bad.

That nicotine is some really nasty sh*t. I am so relieved I have never really smoked. It really is a sh*tty habit. Those accessories are beautiful- lighters, packs, being an outcast, social connection- but that is where it starts and ends. It stinks in practice. Now that I am getting older it is yet even more evident how it takes the toll on health. Jennings was a young man and he went quickly. I have seen others who are just not in the best of health and are starting to become ill afflicted. These are young people too, late 20s and 30s. General unhealthy presentation, raspy voice, hacking. I would very much be inspired to quit now if I had smoked. There is no reason.


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