Saturday, August 20, 2005

STL Streets

This is too much. The city is fixing the sidewalk in front of my joint on Kingshighway. I just took a pic of it. The small hazard blockades have STL streets printed on them, and they were just outside.

The week has been busy. We are still adjusting to lunch. It is quite a trick living above where you work. There really is no privacy, but I am actually quite used to it now. I stopped by the gym today. Both Roberto and Doveed were there. I talked with Roberto on how to fix up the ring a bit. We got some padding for the flooring. Some of the problems around the gym have been fixed. Doveed is in need of a car badly. We are having to cancel some classes due to his car's death. I am going to try to help him locate something. We are going to have a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for the gym sometime in the next month. I need to get rent for October.
Please note that the sign is not fully operating. The neon broke at the tip. They are replacing it when the bling bling light up crown is put on top.


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