Sunday, September 18, 2005

I got posts coming

I got several posts I want to do, but I have been busy. This whole thing in the south has sapped my focus. I feel a guilt for I feel no pain. I see it, I read it. I try to remind myself regularly what is going on. It is going to be a long, long story.

Business is way up. We are having to make some rather dramatic adjustments. It is very good and has required a lot of hours. I haven't gotten a chance to post, but I got two posts in particular I want to talk about. The first is my thoughts on locations for businesses in south city. I opened a business over here on Kingshighway. There were neighborhoods I wanted to go to, but it was going to be way too difficult to make it work. I want to do another post on all the ghetto barriers that have been put in this past summer in my favorite neighborhood. I got a lot of pix of the fighters that have been pouring into the gym.

And I will be writing something about the food channel show. It is really rather too much, but also funny.

I also got a fundraiser for the kid's scholarship fund for the gym on Oct 2nd over at Bastante. It is going to be a spaghetti dinner deal for ten bucks a head from 4-7pm.

I also set fights for the next Hoosierweight on October 16th in the back lot of Bastante. I will make more announcements this week.

I got a very very very busy week this week. I have to totally re-prepare for business. It is a good kind of busy. I doubt I will get to do much blogging after tonight, much less respond to email.


Anonymous xian said...

Hey Steve. Those aren't "ghetto barriers" but part of the Weed and Seed Program. They are temporary and part of a design to eliminate the crime and drug problems in that area, an issue long neglected, now being addressed.

7:42 AM  

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