Thursday, September 08, 2005

The news out there

I watched the news and read the paper on Monday and wrote the following. I didn't post it for a bit for I was starting to rant.

I have been watching the news. There was some woman being interviewed that they do need help, but not in the ways by form of toilet paper or supplies. There was a call to buy gift cards for victims of the hurricane. Gift cards from places like "Exxon and Wal Mart."

The coverage was aired either yesterday or earlier today on Fox.

Then again, look at me. It just seems different though.

The mayor of N.O. said the drug users are going crazy. He spoke the truth that drug users are a fact of life, a common thing in any community from the crystal meth infested country towns of the Midwest to our nation's capitol city.

All week there has been some pretty whacked sh*t in the news. There are some seriously nasty stories being reported. We have yet to even hear just how bad this thing is. People are going crazy. They are going crazy. New Orleans cops had been committing suicide. There are stories of small town sheriffs can't get help from the Feds because they can't email in the request. Untold numbers of people are without family members. Sons. Daughters. Mothers. Fathers. It is really f*cked up.

People are unable to pay for hotel bills. They have no food. They have no baby formula. They have no diapers. They have no money. They have no homes. They have no jobs. They have no place to go, nowhere to start.

Then I hear some idiot on TV say "We need to have someone deliver some cokes or something, cuz I am a coke drinker, and we need to have that delivered now!"

Cute. Thanks lady. People can't reunite with their kids and you are bitching about if you can have your coke over a pepsi. What a selfish b*tch. I hope she is only incoherent from being distraught. If that is her problem right now, she should count your blessings that she is not one of those people with a baby who has not had formula in a week. There are going to be some f*cked up babies now. And you can't have your soda fix.

People are going crazy by opening fire at a medivac choppers. What the hell? What the hell is going on? Bill O'Reilly wanted to know what is wrong with people that do that. What is wrong? They are crazy. The police chief told him "they just don't care. They don't even know what they are doing." People are in this harsh environment with no real law and they are just losing it.

Bill O'Reilly then accused that the Governor or Mayor will not go after people who shot at cops, firefighters and medical personnel. What the hell? Like the Mayor and Governor are not going to go after these thugs after shooting at their freaking cops, firefighters and medical personell? I wonder if O'Reilly has been asking the tough questions like "where are the cokes?" Where do these jerks come from?

Where is the leadership that people so desperately need?

Then I see George Bush strolling around some shelter signing autographs. That is disturbing. What is he doing signing autographs? I don't care if you are in a shelter, a city was just wiped off the face of the earth. I didn't see Winston Churchill signing autographs inspecting the damage of the German air raids. That sounds like King Louis XIV or Czarina Catherine the Great would have done. I don't think the President of Sri Lanka or Malaysia was out signing autographs after the tsunami. Our leader apparently is oblivious to the problems and more concerned about the glory. I don't care if some stooges are star struck by you. Your aides can rush them away. Have dinner with the people. Be pleasant. Shake hands. Keep people's spirits up. Why would George Bush would sign autographs after a terrorist attack? What did Bush accomplish?

I hear the Post has sent down an ace team to catch some of this story. The loaded up an SUV and barreled south. I heard the guys packed in a bunch of baby food formula. It will be interesting to read what they find out. It actually makes me sick to my stomach to want to know, but I really feel the need to know the real stories.


Blogger Burt Bollinger said...

You know its bad when Hitchens roasts the president...MUST READ:

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm eager to see the Hague trials when this all comes to an end.


9:51 AM  
Anonymous xian said...

Remember that movie 15 MINUTES when the Russian murderer says, "In America, no one is responsible"? The reverse is happening in the hurricane aftermath and the blame keeps shifting. I'm sick of *that* aspect. People at ground zero are in shock. Yes, they are facing drug and Coke withdrawal (I have always suspected that secret soda recipe included some other additive drug than caffeine.) We can't imagine what they've experienced and we're dependent on the media for information. But Bush giving autographs? I cringe at this grossly inappropriate behavior. And like most people, I face the daily frustration of wanting to help but not knowing how.

10:55 PM  

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