Sunday, September 18, 2005

Other eyes

Normally speaking I roll my eyes when other countries spew filth about the United States, especially old world countries. I would say that I am a very proud and somewhat arrogant American that believes not only can we do better, but we can be the best by just making it happen. We are the new world. We leave all the baggage behind and we work together. Compared to other countries at least like the drama queens in Europe. However, sometimes the comments start to cut when the reactions are accurate and unable to argue. I don't appreciate the hint of smugness of the world reaction sometimes, but we as Americans should get used to it considering how bad we can in terms of both smugness and our general behavior about the world around us. We need to be admired around the world. We have been before, and we can be again.

"On September 11, America found a common cause for pride in the bravery of its people. This time there is no heroism and nothing left to see but the dark side of the empire, that of a country gnawed away by money and segregation, in which those shipwrecked in the system are left behind, abandoned to the elements." Le Liberation, Paris.

"Where was the president in his country's hour of need, and why has it taken him five days to go to New Orleans?" The Independent, London.

"Third World America." The Daily Mail, London.

"The tragic cost of Bush's Iraq obsession." The Financial Times, London.

"Incredibly unprofessional." Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany.

"For Bush, the poor do not exist." Le Figaro, France.

"Was Katrina color-blind?" Der Spiegel, Germany.


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