Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Who is leading the insurgency?


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Blogger Burt Bollinger said...

If your country was invaded by foreign powers for reasons that were an obvious pack of lies, and your fellow countrymen then formed a resistance movement, is it likely they would spend their precious resources attacking and killing their fellow citizens, including committing unspeakable atrocities against their women and children.

In history people consistently united against foreign invaders despite their severe political differences.

What is happening in Iraq today just does not make sense.

The insurgents have nothing to gain by killing each other while they remain under the yoke of hated foreign aggressors. I cannot discern a single strategic or tactical advantage in creating civil war while the invaders are still in power.

By inducing a civil war the insurgents would be handing the US/UK/Israeli axis of evil a huge advantage.

The Iraqi resistance is not run by idiots. They are tactically and strategically aware. Common sense alone dictates that they should unite to fight their common enemies. Once their enemies have been beaten then they can slog it out amongst themselves for control.

Did the resistance to the Nazis in any country ever try to create a civil war as a way to force them out. Has any country suffering under a foreign oppressor ever adopted this suicidal tactic as a way to force out the invaders?

It is simply a ridiculous argument to suggest that Iraqis are trying to provoke a civil war as a way to defeat the invaders. And the fact that an SAS death squad was caught red handed in a false flag operation is mere confirmation of this common sense.

Who would benefit from an Iraqi civil war - the US and the UK.

Would a civil war make it more or less likely that the invaders would leave Iraq? Less.

Can you think of any kind of causal mechanism that will effectively force out the invaders after an Iraqi civil war breaks out? No it will empower them.

Civil war would significantly weaken the resistance and hand the invaders all the political capital they will ever need to stay longer.

Civil war would also take the eye of global public opinion off the criminal nature of the invasion and turn it into a humanitarian intervention.

You don’t need to catch an SAS death squad with their pants down to see what is really going on in Iraq.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US as part of an Axis of Evil?

Okay, if you believe that, then what are you doing about it?

Do you pay taxes? Do you benefit from this evil nation?

How can you live with yourself?

Why not move to Canada or someplace else?

I don't like a lot of what's going on either, but I don't think I'd call the US part of an "axis of evil".

If it is, shouldn't it be destroyed?

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Blogger Burt Bollinger said...

yeah...say, I just copy and paste this stuff. Calling the US/UK an axis of evil is farther than I would go...maybe. Depends on the mood I'm in, really. TBH, I should have proofread and snipped that line...whatever...

I do believe that out current adminstration is filled with psychopatic war pigs...They should be arrested. locked up..."evil"...hmmm, yeah...probably.

First of all, I love the way you have fixated on one line, and ignored the rest...Classic tactic.

Regardless, I pay taxes, I am part of the problem...I'm as guilty as most schmucks out here. If I wouldnt go to fuck-me-in-the-ass prison for tax evasion (at least 3 years in the slammer) you can bet I'd not pay them. When the alternative is forcible rape...I'm gonna go along...

Anyway, are you really coming on some "love it or leave it" crap? That's classic. I was born here in St. Louis. I shouldn't have to go anywhere. In the future, in order to not look like an idiot, keep the "love it or leave it" shit to yourself.

Fuck Canada, btw...I'm thinking southern France...especially if we start seeing some wacky supreme court shit in the next few years.

As far as what should be a young, semi-clueless punk, I don't think I'm in a position to answer that.

You pompously ask "what am I gonna do about it." Me, preparing for the worst, is what I'm gonna do about it. In the meantime, If I can post a bit about how fucked the situation is in Iraq right now to some friends of mine, then I'll do that...

What would you suggest...that I run for office, vote, write a letter to a politian, join the local CIA-infiltrated peace oragnization?

You say you don't like a lot of what is going on either...we'll what are you gonna do about it...other than post cliche garbage anonymously in a chat room that no one reads?

I'm open for ideas at this point.

warmest regards,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Burt-

Slow down, dude, you're gonna catch on fire!

How about writing a letter to the editor?

How about marching on the federal building?

How about going to Washington?

How about making a post without lacing it with profanity?

I guess "cool" people don't like to answer tough questions, huh, Burt?

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Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

I am unsure what all this chatter is about, but the only thing that really concerns me is some British special forces shot up the Iraqi Police, killing one officer. I am far more concerned what the hell Brits were doing dressed as insurgents armed with explosives firing on and killing Iraqi police than what Burt thinks or what people think about what Burt is thinking.

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Blogger Burt Bollinger said...

I tried to awswer your "tough" questions point by point, as honestly and openly as I could, that much is clear from my original response...and the bottom line, AGAIN, is that you seem more fixated with ME than how our buddys are dressing up like terrorists and commiting their own terrorist acts, killing people, drawing us further into a war that was bullshit from the get-go...thats the point I mentioned before when you fixated on 3 words in my original post...a post which makes a lot of sense.

Reread my original post, delete those three words that gots your panties in a bunch...soak it in deep, then drop it, cause its a dead-on that you can't fuck with, period.

Long story short, both of your posts seem out the the Karl Rove playbook: distort, focus on a tiny detail, quickly change the issue, attack the messenger, IGNORE the main point...its all very transparent and frankly, nauseating.

also, profanity laced?....what wanna correct my post for spelling? you're what they call a TROLL...diverting attention from the topic at hand.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read your posts in detail a couple of times now, and am having a hard time trying to figure out what you want to see happen.

You've coined the phrase UK/US/Israeli Axis of Evil (sweet); you've suggested that this evil axis would like a civil war to break out in Iraq so it would strengthen the axis of evil (little paranoid maybe?), and you sound like you're defending the Iraqi insurgence when you post:

"The Iraqi resistance is not run by idiots. They are tactically and strategically aware. Common sense alone dictates that they should unite to fight their common enemies. Once their enemies have been beaten (...note to Burt: are you talking about the US here???) then they can slog it out amongst themselves for control.

Did the resistance to the Nazis in any country ever try to create a civil war as a way to force them out. Has any country suffering under a foreign oppressor ever adopted this suicidal tactic as a way to force out the invaders?

Are you somehow linking Iraqi resistance to Nazi resistance, thereby linking the US/UK/Israeli "Axis of Evil" to the Nazis?

Don't call me a troll. How about saying what you'd like to see happen over there. You're making many critical statements. How about a positive one about the future.

Me? I'd like to see the US out of Iraq in less than a year, with a government in place that is supported by its neighbors and its citizens. Do I think that will happen? Maybe the former, but doubtful the latter.

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Blogger Burt Bollinger said...

First off, Steve, thanks for the forum ;) You've been hijacked, bro.


I called you a trolling...because it seemed you were that you've started to discuss the issues, sorta, I'll try to respectfully respond...

"A little paranoid maybe..."

Um, yeah. Big time. No joke. We could have a beer, I can talk your ear off about a ton of wacked out topics...about each, I'm @ 60% serious.

Anyway, youre correct in that I am suggesting (IN MY OPINION) that the US/UK would like a civil war. The fact that special ops are dressing up like terrorists supports this fact. We can't have permanent military bases in the region if everything goes just fine. We're there long term, to project power and sit on that oil.

Now, it would be foolish to think that this covert action is the cause of all the violence...but it seems to me, that the US/UK has an big interest in "shaping" the conflict. They'd be foolish not to. These same sort of false flag operations were likely done in Vietnam. We'd shoot up a village and sprinkle some black pajamas around...blame the Viet Cong. It happens...

As far as defending the resistance movement in Iraq...we'll TBH, what would you do if you were them? Visualize the movie, "Red Dawn." Now imagine a foreign force invades your country because of beef they have with your leader, they shock and awe you, kill your family, shoot your mom in the head at a checkpoint...would you not pick up a weapon and fight that invader? There's a good chance I might if I hit my breaking point. If I was feeling really frisky, Imight even plant a roadside explosive...but hey, I'm a little "crazy/militant."

To answer another question, Yes, I am talking about the US there...just like in Afganistan, the resistance there focused on eliminating the threat from the Soviets before they started killing themeselves wholesale. One would expect that to be the norm in Iraq as well as they try to defeat the US invasion. Why isnt that happening? Again, Its likely because the US/UK is "shaping" the some cases by dressing up as terrorists and killing "innocents." In other cases, planting car bombs, etc...

That's the theory anyway. One that was considered "fringe conspiracy" until these guys got caught...

Your other question...Am I linking Iraqi resistance, to those who fought against German agression? Yes I am...pretty much. For the folks on the ground, that's what it looks like. For an Iraqi teenager covered in his little sister's grey matter, that's what it looks like. For the US soldier walking thru the streets, that's what it might feel like...It's kinda like when the Germans were forced to invade those war-mongers in Poland. Those people in Poland were a threat to the German people, and had to be taken out ;)

As far as what I would like to see, this thing is the biggest clusterfuck I have ever seen. We should never have gone there. So, now...I've got no clue. Its horrifying...I guess, all I can do is donate to the local peace org. or whatever...but the last thing that local peace org. needs is someone like me there IN PERSON, spouting off to a camera, looking like a wacko, discrediting their message to mom and pop America. At least I know this, and try to keep my head down as much as possible.

Before I sign off, I just want you to think about this, I'm not asking you to answer these or anything... but just what if:

What if this adminstration we have right now in the US, isn't simply a bunch of idiots? What if everything going on in Iraq is exactly as planned? What if they want more chaos, more death? If they say that we're getting out, then why are we building permanent bases there? What if our leaders know that the US is fucked unless we just keep starting wars? Has our own government done any false flag operations in the U.S.?

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