Monday, October 17, 2005

Good pieces

American Experience has a new documentary on Vietnam. It looks quite interesting. It is going to be on tonight. I love me some American Experience. They did one on New York a bit back and another on Chicago that were mighty fine. I think it would be great to do one on the STL. Neal Primm could be one of the commentators.

There was also an outstanding series on the News Hour by Paul Solman on China. It is quite fascinating. China has a commie command economy that is running business at a loss to get ahead. It also has interesting insight to the social situation in China. It is both fascinating and so, so screwed up. I thought we won the cold war, but I guess it is okay to play ball with the bad guys because we benefit at this particular moment for they are working for us. Communism is not dead, they are now in our most favored crew.


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