Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It is getting bad

I have been watching c-span. I can't get enough nerd news on Sunday morning, I just have to get it straight.

This Harriet Miers is a weird one. She really believes in the President and feels that we are very blessed among many blessings. She likes teams and is delighted and has been incredibly vauge and optimistic.


Blogger Murphy said...

The impression that Miers is a bit odd is a recurring one. I think it stems from a devotion to Bush that is both inexplicable and awkward. We aren't sure how to react to someone who describes President Bush as, "the most brilliant man she ever met."

Regardless of the esteem with which a person may hold the President, "the most brilliant" is not an adjective phrase you would first associate with him. In fact, he was highly touted as the "CEO" candidate who would smartly chose the "most brilliant" advisors.

Miers is a nearly inexplicable choice outside of the crony/loyalist (depending on your perspective) pick. While she has had success as a lawyer, little would qualify her to rule on the most important cases churning their way through the legal system. Wednesday the SCOTUS is supposed to review Gonzales v. Oregon, the case that will determine who makes the decision in physician-assisted suicide. Should we simply trust that Miers has the ability to effectively digest the arguments and come to a reasonable conclusion?

Miers greatest qualification is her fealty to Bush. It is a quality you want in an employee and relish in your lawyer. The question is, does that qualify you for the Supreme Court?

There is little room to wiggle a positive perspective on this choice. Most are generally disappointed that Bush did not chose a serious nominee, but on the right, the disappointment dropped off into downright ridicule. Said Rick Brookhiser of the National Review Online, "THE GOOD NEWS ON MIERS: It's not as bad as Caligula putting his horse in the Senate."

The conservatives have the bludgeons out and the Democrats are stepping back to watch the show.

1:03 AM  
Blogger Burt Bollinger said...

I read somewhere...they were calling the Supreme Court a 'super legislature' or something...that just seems so messed up, that all this important crap gets decided by 9 folks in dark robes, each of whom put there by people with agendas...

"THE GOOD NEWS ON MIERS: It's not as bad as Caligula putting his horse in the Senate."


7:47 AM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

Yeah, something gives me pause. A Texan with no judicial experience, feels blessed and has a lot of blessed thoughts and loves George Bush. I think that is pleny of reason to have pause. She sounds like a very happy kid who really loves Link 182 but with slightly different

Now this mobbed up Texas posse really gives me pause. There is much more to things than her being a "respected lawyer". The only saving thought is that the administration is relatively incompetent and that they did not dig enough and do their homework. However, the administration probably *does* have competent conscious policy decision making abilites-not necessarily positive- in terms of their social agenda.

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