Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Blog

This is a new blog by Kevin Sites. His first entry on the field is rather interesting. It is in Somalia. When the street reporters go into a new country, they hire fixers. And these fixers are something else. They act as interpreters and guides through rough lands and cities. They get them to places off the radar and through tight situations. These fixers are an amazing mix of cool hard edged sanity amid chaos.

I have been describe as a fixer by a few different people. I am unsure if this is a positive comment or description. I have been retained by a couple of different out of town hacks to find people for stories. Although I had done nothing at all like what this guy in Somalia does. Read the story. I am glad I don't have to live there. I would like to visit and see for myself.

The hotzone is an intense blog. It is very forthright and you can read the stories directly from the people. The observations by Sites are very straight and the stories are not imposed upon the situation.


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