Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I nearly fell down laughing so hard when I heard Tom Weber's interview on KWMU with the editor Ellen Soeteber. They discussed the sale of the paper, the new and exciting look and the restructuring.

There was nothing all that surprising so far. I am waiting to see the changes, for the verbal reassurance only holds as much as the actual changes. I worry about the news. Now Ellen did say she would love to expand the travel section. Sure. Yeah.

Now what got me to lose it was the reassurance on the news. Ellen reassured that there was more local news. Listen to this snip about 15:45 into the interview:

Tom Weber:
It is not necessarily more news, but repackaged news.

Ellen Soeteber:
Well... (awkward moment of silence) uh... it is newsier.

It sounds like something the President's press secretary would say.

I am still curious to see how this all pans out. I am not particularly encouraged, but if the paper was seen as a credible and deep source of news. The new look is okay and all, but when I fail to see news on the front page, it concerns me. When I see illustrations of hamburgers or a TV show on the front page, it concerns me. A stately masthead is reassuring. It can have color and sharpness.

We are a nation at war. We are in a very tough time for as a country. We are changing as a nation. We have been changing as a city. There are a lot of things that are not working well for us right now that are just passing by us every day. I think we need to remember that what is being reported on in the news is what will ultimately keep us together or tear us apart. And if the newspaper puts non-news as the tip of the paper, I am very, very concerned. I am very concerned if there are no exploratory and investigative articles. Good national news. The Post, despite its repeated transgressions on the face, still has a relatively filled out news department. I worry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I listened to the interview as well. I lost count on the number of people that complained about the layout yet Ellen Soeteber did not make it seem like it was possible to make a change. You would think subscribers would have some say.

10:25 AM  

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