Sunday, October 09, 2005

Nobel Peace Prize

Mohamed ElBaradei, the General Director of the International Agency of Atomic Energy and the IAEA itself have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here is an excerpt of statements made by IAEA Director General Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei addressing the United Nations March 7th, 2003 just before the invasion:

In conclusion, I am able to report today that, in the area of nuclear weapons - the most lethal weapons of mass destruction - inspections in Iraq are moving forward. Since the resumption of inspections a little over three months ago - and particularly during the three weeks since my last oral report to the Council - the IAEA has made important progress in identifying what nuclear-related capabilities remain in Iraq, and in its assessment of whether Iraq has made any efforts to revive its past nuclear programme during the intervening four years since inspections were brought to a halt. At this stage, the following can be stated:

* There is no indication of resumed nuclear activities in those buildings that were identified through the use of satellite imagery as being reconstructed or newly erected since 1998, nor any indication of nuclear-related prohibited activities at any inspected sites.

* There is no indication that Iraq has attempted to import uranium since 1990.

* There is no indication that Iraq has attempted to import aluminium tubes for use in centrifuge enrichment. Moreover, even had Iraq pursued such a plan, it would have encountered practical difficulties in manufacturing centrifuges out of the aluminium tubes in question.

* Although we are still reviewing issues related to magnets and magnet production, there is no indication to date that Iraq imported magnets for use in a centrifuge enrichment programme.

And here is a response by Dick Cheney to IAEA's ElBaradei report that Iraq has not reconstituted nuclear weapons.

We believe [Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein] has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons. I think Mr. ElBaradei, frankly, is wrong.

And on a final note, the The current administration even opposed ElBaradei in his post with the IAEA just a few months ago.


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